Trier Symposiums
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Trier Symposiums

The Institute for Telematics hosts various symposiums around the superior topic 'Telematic'. This symposiums should provide a forum for scientists and practitioners for thematically discussions.

  • Trier Symposium E-Payment from 20-21 June 2002

  • Trier Symposium Digital Signatures from 15-16 November 2001

  • Trier Symposium Mobile Commerce from 7-8 June 2001

  • Trier Symposium Smart Cards from 23-24 November 2000

  • Trier Symposium Virtuelle Hochschule from 4-5 May 2000

  • Trier Symposium Televerwaltung from 11-12 November 1999

  • Trier Symposium Elektronisches Publizieren from 25-26 March 1999

  • Trier Symposium Telemedizin from 8-9 October 1998