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Everyone who is interensted in can participate in Meinel's live and online lectures. The lectures will be held live on the Internet under Prof. Meinel is a Computer Science Professor (C4) in Trier, Germany's oldest town.

As Prof. Christoph Meinel presents the lectures in his lecture room using his laptop and acting in front of a web cam, it is already afternoon in China and still night in the US. "Anyone who missed the lecture can go to and download a recorded session at a later convenient time" says the scientist. Tele-task provides a drastically simplified access technology developed in Trier, which simply needs an ISDN or DSL connection and a "Real Player" to work. In this way anyone interested can without any problems and comfortably connect live to the Trier University lectures on Internet security using his home or office computer or get them downloaded later.

"Tele-task stands for Teleteaching Anywhere Solution Kit" says Prof. Christoph Meinel. Not only flicker-free picture and clean tone of the speaker can be transmitted, but also synchronised, large-sized video content of the presentation as well as additional materials, graphics and computer animation. The transmission speed ranges from 38 kBit/s to 300 kBit/s (standard) up to between 800 and 900 kBit/s - the quality standard required for DVD. If using ISDN speed, Tele-Task can guarantee a picture format of 850 (horizontal) x 500 (vertical) - more than any current transmission technology can offer.

The following lectures can be visited here:

Komplexitätstheorie (german)

Ziel der Komplexitätstheorie ist die Quantifizierung von Computerressourcen, die zur algorithmischen Lösung konkreter Probleme bzw. von Problemklassen benötigt werden.

Informationssicherheit im Internet (german)

In der Vorlesung werden Fragen rund um den sehr aktuellen Themenkreis der Informationssicherheit im Internet behandelt.

Internet Security I - Internet Technology (english)

The lecture course "Internet Security I" gives a detailed introduction into Internet Technology. It explains the function mode and architecture of Internets and Intranets and discusses important Internet protocols.

Internet Security II - Weaknesses and Targets (english)

The lecture course "Internet Security II - Weaknesses and Targets" gives a detailed introduction into problems concerning Internet and Intranet security.