Area of Expertise: @security
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Area of Expertise: @security

Modern societies are increasingly dependent on the security and reliability of their information technologies, but the vulnerability of our digital world is still proved painfully by hacker attacks on networks or databases, computer viruses, internet worms and trojan horse attacks. In addition to these fact: the more sensible data like online orders, medical data or electronic cash is transmitted in open networks like the internet, the more targets exist for such attacks. So computer and network protection must be one of the most important objectives.

The following projects fields of the Institute for Telematics are concerned with security in open networks:

  • Various IT Security Services
  • Security Concepts, Systems und Testings
  • Tutoring System for IT Security
  • Security in Mobile Communications
  • PKI - Public Key Infrastructures
  • Trust Centres, Certificates
  • Digital Signatures
  • Hardware based Network Security
  • Cybercrime and Cyberwar