Area of Expertise: @health
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Area of Expertise: @health

Due to the internet technology medical data like diagnostic findings, patients tables or radiographs can be transmitted over large distances, so an exchange of views between different medical practitioners is possible. This fact increases the quality of medical maintenance. Confidentiality, reliability and the quality of the transmitted data must not stand for low transmission speed.

The following projects fields of the Institute for Telematics are concerned with electronic health:

  • The DICOM Standard
  • Digital imaging and communication on medicine.
  • Compression of telemedical images
  • A patented approach to compress digital medical images.
  • TI-jPACS
  • A powerful tool for visualization, archiving, compression and printing of (DICOM) images.
  • Telemedicine and Security
  • Control of critical classified telemedical processes.
  • Prognosis and Evaluation
  • Surveys in Germany.
  • Visualization and procesing of threedimensional medical images