06/02 - New Gatekeeper System Protects Business Computers More Effectively than "Firewalls"

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06/02 - New Gatekeeper System Protects Business
Computers More Effectively than "Firewalls"

Trier. German scientists have developed a sluice-type system that protects corporate computers 100 % against online hacker attacks - making them more secure than conventional firewalls. The Trier-based researchers at the Institut für Telematik (Institute for Telematics), Germany's leading Internet research and development center, shortly received a patent for their invention. They are going to present their gatekeeper solution marketed under the trade name "Lock-Keeper" at the RSA Conference in San Jose (USA), the world's most important e-security event (February 18 - 22). The system successfully undermines the activities of hackers because it never allows the company-owned computer to come into direct physical contact with the Internet.

Professor Christoph Meinel (47), the director of the German institute: "Firewalls do not really separate the internal computer network of a company from the outside; they simply analyze and filter the transmitted data parcels." According to the telematics professor from Trier software errors, insufficient user know-how or incorrect firewall configurations can therefore possibly harm and even destroy the protective properties of the firewalls.

"Companies that require extremely high levels of security, such as banks and insurance companies, do not want to operate their networks under such risks. Consequently, our patented gatekeeper system has been designed to block 100% of all online attacks against an internal computer network through physical security measures," explains Professor Meinel. The new security program developed by his institute ensures that data transferred between a company's Internet provider and its Intranet must pass through a gate. Depending on the condition of the <gates>, information is only exchanged on one computer. This is physically ensured. While the data is stored in the gate area, it can be verified by the company based on its security requirements. This does not necessarily have to take a lot of time; it can actually be done at lightning speed.

Prof. Meinel: "The Lock-Keeper solution is reasonably priced and easy to configure. It allows even companies that require the highest level of security to integrate their computers into the Internet. The complex data transport via storage media that was standard in the past, is therefore redundant". Shortly after the RSA 2002 in San José the Trier-based researchers will present their new security gatekeeper system to the visitors of CeBIT 2002 in Hanover (March 13 - 20, hall 11, booth A15), the world's major ICT event.

Germany's leading Internet research and development center announced that it will be launching there some other new and user-friendly high- tech solutions for practical applications. The institute will be presenting a product designed for automatic mileage tracking via handheld computers and a digital time stamp - the information age version of conventional <RECEIVED> stamps that date back to the paper age. But that's not all: Another revolutionary product will be shown, a patented image compression program that speeds up the transfer times of medical images on the Internet tenfold.