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TI-jPACS operating system-independent platform for picture-processing-methods

TI - jPACS is a radio-logical Workstation with distinctive Teleradiology functions. The basis of the system is a software, that can receive digital medical pictures per DICOM or proprietary interfaces, processes and send it. The visualisation functions correspond to those of a classic Radiological–Workstation and are very performant. The speciality of TI - jPACS is his/its free-availability, platform-independence and additional expandable-ness over a PlugIn - mechanism. This can be existing applications that are integrated into the user-interface of the system or new modules, which have interfaces to all components of the basis-system.

You can load from here the free current version 1.3 (10.05.2005) of the TI-jPACS program (multilingual). Please, register the program to receive program support and Plugin-activation key.

You find the actual operating instructions here:

To presently available extension elements belong:

  • DICOM Send Plugin that accomplishes data exchange over standard network protocols (OSI and TCP/IP, DIMSE). It deliver a program-independent interface, which allows communication over DICOM-protocol.
  • DICOM-Database-Explorer, DIMSE-C services from SOP classes are included: Verification (C-Echo), Query /Retrieve (C-Find, C-Get and C-Move)
  • DICOM–CD/DVD Creator for the creation of a Patients CD with DICOM-DIR file and a professional platform-independent DICOM-Viewer
  • Format-Converter Plugin (JPEG; BMP,TIF, AVI, DICOMZIP)
  • E-Mail Plugin with a DICOM file invariably, as the JPEG file, when DICOMZIP-file or as AVI-file can be sent.
  • Secure-E-Mail Plugin with S/MIME (RFC2311, RFC2312), with an own key and certificate administration (after x509 v.3 standard) and a linked address book. (force coming in December 2004)
  • Screenshot creator
  • Image priority control for mark of DICOM Images
  • DICOMDIR Import/Export
  • More much professional features ...

Contact address

Universität Trier,
Institut für Telematik
Universitätsring 15
54286 Trier, Germany
Telefax: +49 651 201-3954